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May 28, 2014 at 05:19 AM

Need a help on Cockpit and Background planing report


Hello ,

I do have a FU with multiple stages (by default route config) and created a Profile accordingly to display FU in Cockpit.

Ex: Configuration on Default route is , LOC1 ->LOC2 , LOC2 to LOC3 , LOC3 to LOC4 . In Sales order LOC1 is shipping point and LOC4 is Customer location.

LOC1 and LOC2 are in Germany country. LOC3 and LOC4 are in France country.


1. When I am open the cockpit with associated profile I can see only entry in “Freight unit stages” view (left side window), one is from LOC1 to LOC2 and LOC3 to LOC4 (First START and last STOP). LOC2 to LOC3 is missing. I have maintained source location LOC1, LOC2, LOC3 in Selection profile (GEO). Could you please let me this is how it will show up in cockpit or did I miss something?

2. But I can see 3 stages in STAGE tab in FU which is correct.

3. Optimizer is giving error “In total 2 freight units cannot be delivered at all”. ( I have maintained Transportation lanes, carrier setup. & etc)

4. When I am trying to execute by back planning program (/SCMTMS/VSR_OPT_BGD) with same profile but not creating FO. I am assuming that if transportation cockpit will work then Background program will work.


Surender reddy