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May 27, 2014 at 07:53 PM

RFC Maintenance errors - can't create Read RFC?


We've recently upgraded to SP10 for SM 7.1, started going through Managed System config and ran across a problem with RFC Maintenance under Connect System step.

When creating a Read RFC, I get the following sequence of messages with absolutely no error text, related to creating the Read and TMW RFC users on the managed system.


Establish connection to System <sid/instance> SID_CLient

Name or password is incorrect (repeat logon)

No RFC for system SID/Client

Seems to be trying to use passwords that I've entered even though I've entered none for that user ID - using the Generate user and Password option. Error message at top of screen says "

The passwords specified must be identical

Display Help

Is this being buffered somewhere? How do I clear this out?

Solman Admin and Managed System Config User credential tests pass, no issues there.

Managed System Config User has appropriate credentials as it can assign the correct role once the RFC user has been created. Appears also to only be an issue with the Read user.

I know that manually creating the RFC and user ID works as I've done that in some of our lower systems that I have access to, but we don't have access to all of the higher systems to perform these activities due to security concerns, we need to have Solman RFC maintenance working properly.

I saw some notes about this last week but did not make a note of the number and now I can't find the reference!!! grr... hate it when I can't find the correct search keywords or they're too common.

Appreciate anyone pointing out the notes/solution for this problem ("do it manually" doesn't count)