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Former Member
May 27, 2014 at 07:44 PM

CO-PA Accelerator: Error on Distribution - "Access to HANA is Locked"


We have setup the CO-PA Accelerator to connect ECC to HANA using SLT. Data is replicating from ECC to HANA and we are able to read data from HANA in ECC via KE24.

However, when we go to attempt a distribution, we get the error message the HANA is locked. The following possible causes are given:

- No replication has yet been performed successfully.

- Not all CO-PA realignment runs have yet been replicated to the SAP HANA database

- Relevant changes in the CO-PA settings (such as in transactions KEA0 or KEQ3) have yet been transferred to SAP HANA.

- Access to SAP HANA has been deactivated manually.

We are then pointed to KEHC for troubleshooting. Everything in KEHC is green lit, except the Data Transfer light which is not lit at all. We also do not have any time stamps for CO-PA Replication as we are using SLT to replicate the data.

My expectation was that we would not need to use "CO-PA Replication" if using SLT. Is that not correct?

Thanks for any insight you can provide.