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May 27, 2014 at 04:58 PM

Leavers visible in Org chart


Hi All,

I am starting a new thread for this.

Leavers are still visible in Nakisa org chart under ESS.

From our previous discussion, I found that logic to extract online active employee was missing in extraction. So I added table PA0000 in downloadschema.xml.

I have attached downloadschema.xml

While extracting. I am getting error


Processing Function Read Table Function/BAPI Downloading Tables Actions
No Tables were downloaded for Read Table Function/BAPI . Function is flagged as critical.Terminating Extraction.


When I checked error log

error log says


27/05/2014 17:41: INFO: SAP Extractor : Processing Function RfcReadTable(Read Table Function/BAPI).Downloading Tables Actions

27/05/2014 17:41: ERROR: RfcReadTable.ExtractSAPTable() : [SAPConnector.GetTable]: FIELD_NOT_VALID

27/05/2014 17:41: ERROR: SAPExtractorProcessor.processFunctionSchema : Source {System.Data}: Message {'table' argument cannot be null.

Parameter name: table}

27/05/2014 17:41: INFO: SAP Extractor : <img src="../Images/Error.gif"> No Tables were downloaded for RfcReadTable(Read Table Function/BAPI).

27/05/2014 17:41: INFO: SAP Extractor : <br></b>Processing Stopped ! ! ! </b>

27/05/2014 17:41: INFO: SAP Extractor : <img src="../Images/Performance_Outstanding.gif"> Downloading from SAP completed.

27/05/2014 17:41: INFO: SAPExtractorStartExtractionBtnClick.aspx : Joins are not executed. Check 'Execute Joins' prior to importing.


This is only place where I am making changes.

Can you please suggest what is wrong with my code that I have written to add that logic.




downloadSchema.xml (55.1 kB)