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May 27, 2014 at 03:49 PM

Handle multiple rows selection on Matrix


Hi all,

i'd like to know if someone could help me with multiple selections on matrix via shift + left mouse button on a matrix.

I got a matrix with one column containing a checkbox for selection. The matrix, on a UDO Form, is defined as auto selecting, so multiple selection of rows is allowed.

I want to add the rows selected by the checkbox (using shift + left mouse button on the selection start and selection end) column to the matrix selected rows collection.

Is there any chance to catch an event handling this situation?

I can add the rows in the matrix selected rows collection clicking the checkboxes one by one, but when i use the multiple selection i can't get any event handling this.

I know i couldn't use the checkbox for the selection and use instead the native function of sap b1 matrix., but this way is faster (and more clear, because you see the check when a row is selected) when you have multiple rows selected one by one

I hope i've been clear enough, and hope somene can give me an hint.

Thanks in advance.