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May 27, 2014 at 02:43 PM

How to make screen changes to Infotype 0077 screen after applying SAP Note 1996041


Hello all,

I recently manually applied this note. Once the note was applied the screen field that refers to the "Disability" P0077-DISAB needs to be converted from a checkbox to some other screen structure because it went from having 2 possible values to now having 4 possible values as the result of applying the referenced note. On my sandbox system I cannot seem to do a convert to change the screen structure (I am clicking on P0077-DISAB and then right-clicking and the context menu "Convert" has the "I/O Field, Text field" greyed out. I also cannot remove the field and re-add it as the delete option on the context menu is also greyed out.

I am in a sandbox system with modification assistant turned on so perhaps that has something to do with my problem(s)? Once I get the Infotype 0077 screen functioning as the new US Gov't regulations require in our sandbox system I will be moving on to our development system - I was thinking this would be easy to get working in Sandbox and then a little harder in development but it's looking like it's actually the other way around. Any possible ideas of guidance would be appreciated. I work with custom infotypes quite often and have done a lot of SAP note applications but this is one of the first times I have worked with SAP notes that modify the standard infotype screens.

Thank you,