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May 27, 2014 at 02:05 PM

CRP production order - Req from order question



I have one question regarding CRP for one WC as per CM01 and CM07 the requirement from one production order is 8.498 hrs on particular week which is correct if I check the order operation times.

But for same order if I check in CO01 capacity check it is showing me as 11.11 hr on same week why there is difference b/w CM01,CM07 and Production order capacity check screens?

For all weeks in production order capacity check requirements from order there is discrepancy from CM01,CM07.

I feel CM07 and production order capacity check screen requirements should be matching as they consider only basic load but they are not, Is there any reason for this? Please refer below 3 transactions snap shots for Week 24 requirements Please note that we do not have Splitting,Over lap etc for that particular operation. CM01: Inline image 1


Inline image 2


Inline image 4