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May 27, 2014 at 02:25 PM

Disabling Cache for a webi report



We have BO 4.1 SP1 system. We have a webi report based on bw- bex. That bex is connected to a table in R3 that momentarily updates itself. So, we are supposed have a report connected to live data. (bex query cache is already disabled on bw)

The problem is, by the data changes, the webi report fails to catch the new data in time. The bex query it is connected, almost momentarily updates itself, however, webi does not. The goal is to make the webi report's result data to match the bex query result as the table in R3 updates.

To achieve that, we created a server group in CMC, named it "no-cache" and put some cloned servers with supposed no cache holding properties. (The screenshot of the servers are attached.) We scheduled the webi report in every 5 minutes, allowing only the no cache servers to be used. However, it is still reported that the webi report does not match the bex from time to time.

Am I missing some server cache configuration? Or is a real-time data webi report not possible?

Thank you


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ps1.JPG (278.3 kB)
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