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May 27, 2014 at 01:43 PM

How duplicate BW master ID's be handled in BPC 10 NW?



We are importing master data from BW for a dimension that has an issue with duplicate records. The reason stems from our master data source being less regulated upon creation, thus somewhat duplicate records existing.

The example below shows two different ID's:



To create these as ID's in BPC, we have a standard special character handling conversion script that will replace spaces with '_'.

This results in a duplication error - as two members exist with the same ID - DINE_ALONE.

I can see a few options here but would like to see if anyone has any other suggestions on handling this.

I have identified that we could:

  • Request the business clean up the master data (time consuming and unlikely to happen in our time frames)
  • Manually maintain the master data in BPC only (time consuming for on-going support)
  • Use another character to separate (this won't work in all scenarios, some differ by special character on the end, e.g. '/' which when removed will result in the same ID (as above, VVS_FILMS and VVS_FILMS since / is removed
  • Use an END_ROUTINE ABAP script to remove duplicates and special characters
  • Configure BPC to handle duplicates - I'm unaware of any standard functionality to do this so this is where I need your validation!

Sharing of any experience would be much appreciated,