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Nov 25, 2005 at 09:40 AM

Need to select from BSEG on Non Key fields.


Hi all,

I am developing a report on Work Order Cost Analysis. The selection screen has Order Type (AFPO-DAUAT), Plant (AFPO-DWERK), Date range (AFKO-GLTRI) and Part Number (AFKO-PLNBEZ) as the selection criteria. <b>All the orders and their corresponding object numbers (OBJNR) are picked in an internal table</b>, for all orders that fulfill the selection criteria and their Actual Finish Date (AFKO-GLTRI) falls between the entered date range.

Now comes the problem, <b>corresponding to these Order Numbers I need to pick records from BSEG.</b> Since this is not a key field in BSEG, its not indexed and the report times out on the Development Server itself.

<b>I also tried using COEP</b> table as the fields that I need are present there as well (Though I am not sure weather it would be give me all the lines of records that I need from BSEG), but that operation also times out.

LDBs also don't seem to help. Is there any way I can achieve the above?