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May 27, 2014 at 10:46 AM

Filtering data in data/complex table before showing it under dropdown in Syclo Agentry applications


Hello experts,

I wish to import the data present in a table in ECC and store it in a data/complex table.

The data in this table would look like as follows:

Field1 Field2

Characteristic1 value1

Characteristic1 Value2

Characteristic1 Value3

Characteristic2 Value4

Characteristic2 Value5

Now, I have to pick up the data from this table and o display the data in a dropdown.

Before I display the data in dropdown, I wish to filter this table so that at any given time, It only displays the data for a particular characteristic.

So, if a text box in my screen has "Characteristic1" set in it, the dropdown below should display following entries:




My question is, is it possible to filter the data table dynamically so that the dropdown values can be adjusted?

as I understand, dropdown fields can ONLY be populated using a data table or a complex table. Is this correct?

Can I use Java side code to manipulate the entries in data/complex table?

What would be the best approach to fulfill this requirement?

Really appreciate your help on this.


Arihant Kothari