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May 27, 2014 at 07:45 AM

ARQ: Problem with "Forward Request with RETURN" option


HI All,

I have a business requirement to forward a request to some one (for example a requester). This is very much possible with the help of "Forwar Allowed" option selection in the Manager Stage.

Another business requirement is that, after forwarding that request (to a requester in my example), this request should come back to the original forwarder (Manager) after the forwardee (requester) submits the request. This is possible when the forwarder (Manager) selects "Forward with return" check box at the time of forwarding a request. If by mistake his missed it, then request WILL NOT come back to him (Manager) after the forwardee (requester) submits the request!

This is quite strange. I have not seen any configuration parameter to make "Forward with return" option selected by default. However, I thought it was possible to modify the same with opening "GRAC_OIF_REQUEST_APPROVAL" application in SE80 and modify it from there. But when I opened this application with a request ID which is in "RUNNING" status, I could only see below buttons/options:

1. Print Button

2. Other Actions (No sub actions displayed)

3. Close

Above buttons/options are usually displayed when: a user does not have necessary authorizations or a request is closed.

But I have full authorizations and the request is still running. I am unable to select "Forward" option to get further screen/application to make this "Forward with return" option selected and greyed out.

CAn anybody please guied me in this? How I can achieve above business requirements?