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May 27, 2014 at 06:05 AM

BI report requirement


Dear All,

I have a report in which we have notifications and functional locations as charterstics and MTBF and critcality as keyfigure.

we have cal month year as selection were the user will enter the range as eg:-05.2013 to 04.2014, The report should display all the the notifcations with in the cal month year range with in the specifed selection but it should display all the functional location irrespective of the data range of selection.

Note:- under each functional location we have many notifications. as screen shot shown below

as shown in the screen shot highlighted. the Functional location ZU-021-FR- STCG- should be displayed without notifications as the notifications falls below the selection criteria for example:- in the selection period for notification is 07.2010


Untitled.png (40.5 kB)