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May 27, 2014 at 03:50 AM

Local workbook refresh selection screen values issue


Dear Gurus,

In BEx 7.x Analyzer, I am trying to refresh a saved Analyzer report(local workbook) and currently facing a weird issue.

There is a selection screen/variable screen where I need to enter date (posting date). Internally, the date is captured through a variable customer exit code and assigned to another date variable which is used in the restricted key figures. The problem here is, when I execute the workbook for the first time with a certain date, the posting date is having the date entered(correct date) but the other date(customer exit assignment) is showing a previously selected date value. When I execute the report again with same values, then the second execution is showing correct value for the second date. I am not sure why the first execution showing wrong and the second execution showing correct date. FYI, we have just started using BEx 7.x Analyzer, previously using BEx 3.5. In the previous version the report was working fine. In this case, do I need to clear any history or any parameter settings need to update? This is happening with my user and others as well.

Thank you in advance.