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May 26, 2014 at 05:01 PM

Finite planning in planning board


Hi Guys,

Sorry to ask these basic question. But please clarify me here.

1) As per SAP,we have Find slot, insert and squeeze in operations under finite scheduling.Now letz say our resource capacity is 100% and then have an order on 25.05.2014 which consumes only 40% capacity, it is finite scheduling (find slot), if an another order comes on same day which consumes only another 40% capacity, being finite scheduling where the second order be placed.

Will it place after the first order to get the slot or along with same first order saying it has the capacity.

How it will be for insert operation and squeeze in operation.

How PPDS planning look for the capacity of the resources?Is finite scheduling(Find slot, insert and squeeze in operations) work only with single-mixed resources?

2) As per standard SAP how PPDS will plan- Is it finite scheduling or infinite scheduling ?