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May 26, 2014 at 02:39 PM

Impact Analysis incl. DataService


Dear all,

I have the following scenario:

1. DB as source DS one table

2. DB as target DS one table

3. i created a simple load job within DataServices

4. created a unix ontop of the target DB

5. Biuld a simple Webi Report

Information Steward:

1. Created all connection to source and target DB for profiling

2. created a integrator source for:

a. Dataservices

b. BI Enterprise

c. Relational Dataintegrater for source and target db

3. scheduled all of them with success

4. created a source group


Now i want to have an impact analysis schema from the source DB all over all workflows to the end report, but it is not working. I can achiev this only from BI Enterprise integratoin source, but i want the whole flow.

I want to know whats the impact if i change a field or table in the source, which impact will this change have incl. ETL etc.

Any idea what i am missing?

Kindest regards