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May 26, 2014 at 12:03 PM

SUT selection in TO from storage type to PSA


Hi All,

The business process is Kanban replenishment where the CCID is scanned for TR creation for demand. TR then automatically converting to TO (movement type- 350). In TO we are getting the storage Unit type selected. need to know the basis of storage unit type selection.

Further details of the movement as eg.

Movement is from storage Type 030 to PSA.

Storage Type 030 has Bulk as Put away strategy and FiFo as Removal Strategy.

It is SUT check active.

warehouse is HU and SU managed.

Two kinds of SUT is there in the storage type 030 - Box and Pallet (L).

Let me know the basis of SUT selection in above TO.

The issue is that different material selects different SUT and there is no consistency. I checked for GR date, Quants, and material master, Move,ment Type data.

Need help from all experts.


Shankar Kumar