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May 26, 2014 at 11:34 AM

Item 010 WBS element budget exceeded in MIRO, Though Sufficient Budget available



I am encountering and issue w.r.t Budget Exceed in MIRO

Service Entry sheet is created and it has checked the budget availability but now when i try to post the same service entry sheet in MIRO, it is showing an error with respect to exceeding of Budget.

I have checked the S_ALR_87013558 and even there it shows some amount available for the respective WBS.

I have even reconstruct the Budget Database in CJBN but the same issue is pertaining and checked the tolerance limit which was set on all items.

My doubt is that is it something related to Vendor Downpayment and Retention as while posting shows a information message reagrding the retention amount. If the issue is related to Vendordownpayment then why the is it not dispaying in any of the standard Cost reports commitment value and also how to resolve the same