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May 26, 2014 at 09:40 AM

Call Remote Function Module with SAEURI dataelement as Export parameter


Hi Experts, Am creating a program in a Gateway system, where i need to call a FM from HR system.

My Code is like this,

Data: lname(20) type c,

lv_url type SEAURI.

Call 'Z_EMP_GET' Destination 'HR_DEST'


Pernr = '12345678'


lname = lv_lname

Url = lv_url.

At HR Destination system, I have a FM 'Z_EMP_GET ' with signature as

Importing : Pernr Type NUMC

Exporting : lname Type Char20

Url Type SAEURI(Char 4096).

When i debugged it, I see the Remote FM is getting Perner value and returning only lname, but URL paramter is empty.

I believe i have problem in receiving Long Text (URL - Char 4096).

How can i handle this and let me know if need to specify String length parameter for RFC call somewhere.

Also let me know if need more details

Thanks in advance.

Thanks in advance.