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May 26, 2014 at 09:29 AM

Maintenance Program Definition -BAdI


Hello All,

I am trying to use MPD transaction for creating and updating the Maintenance Plans. I am not getting the relevant tabs where I can maintain the MPD relevant data in documents (in DMS)..For example, Header and Item data for the Maintenance plan, effectivity data (class information) & Cycel set data (in CV01N/CV02N transactions).

I have come to know certain BAdI 's to be implemented for achieve this. Two of the BAdI's to be considered are

BAdI: MPD_DMS_UNIQUE_CYCLES (For cycle set data)

BAdI: MPD_DATA_COLLECTOR (For Header and Class info data)

Can you pls throw light, which are all the BAdI's to be implemented and the classes to be considered for each BAdI's?