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May 26, 2014 at 09:05 AM

Cheque payment restricted to N rows, pymnt adv after N lines


Hello, SAP experts.

We have a requirement for AP cheque printing on a pre-printed stationary, wherein line items in the invoice will be printed in the main form, and the excess lines will be printed elsewhere (to avoid voiding cheques).

I know that in F-58, you can specify to which printer the main cheque form goes, and a different destination for the payment advice.

In FBZP, we have set payment advice control to "restricted to N lines", N being the number of line items to be printed onto the form. Then, payment advice output is set to "Pymnt adv. after ... lines".

Assuming my form can hold up to 15 lines, and I have a payable of 19 items, I expected the 15 lines to be printed on the main form, and the remaining 4 lines should be printed in a separate payment advice (eventually, in a different printer and form).

But when I posted the payment and checked the spool, the system wrote a note on the main form and printed all 19 lines on the other payment advice.

How can the output be controlled as requested by user?

If not, we may convince the user to settle for the above output.

Thanks for your time.