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OVS value not getting populated in field

Hi Experts,

Kindly suggest me a solution for the below given issue.

I have added three custom fileds to an already existing WD Coponent.

And also added OVS help as an input help method to these fields.

If I right click on the WD application and TEST, the application opens in browser and I am able to select the value from OVS list.

If I run the application by copying the URL and paste it in the browser, or clicking on Portal link, if we select the value from OVS list that value is not getting populated in the field.

Below is the logic I have written.


TYPES: BEGIN OF ty_payment,

payment TYPE char4,

desc TYPE char30,

END OF ty_payment.

* declare data structures for the fields to be displayed and
* for the table columns of the selection list, if necessary


begin of lty_stru_input,
* add fields for the display of your search input here

payment type char4,
* desc type string,

end of lty_stru_input.


begin of lty_stru_list,
* add fields for the selection list here

payment type char4,

desc type char30,

end of lty_stru_list.

data: ls_search_input type lty_stru_input,

lt_select_list type standard table of lty_stru_list,

ls_text type wdr_name_value,

lt_label_texts type wdr_name_value_list,

lt_column_texts type wdr_name_value_list,

lv_window_title type string,

lv_group_header type string,

lv_payment type string,

lt_payment TYPE TABLE OF ty_payment,

ls_payment TYPE ty_payment,

lv_short TYPE string,

lv_table_header type string.

field-symbols: <ls_query_params> type lty_stru_input,

<ls_selection> type lty_stru_list.

case ovs_callback_object->phase_indicator.

when if_wd_ovs=>co_phase_0. "configuration phase, may be omitted
* in this phase you have the possibility to define the texts,
* if you do not want to use the defaults (DDIC-texts)

ls_text-name = `PAYMENT`. "must match a field name of search

ls_text-value = `Terms of payment`. "wd_assist->get_text( `001` ).

insert ls_text into table lt_label_texts.

ls_text-name = `PAYMENT`. "must match a field in list structure

ls_text-value = `Terms of Payment`. "wd_assist->get_text( `002` ).

insert ls_text into table lt_column_texts.

ls_text-name = `DESC`. "must match a field in list structure

ls_text-value = `Description`. "wd_assist->get_text( `002` ).

insert ls_text into table lt_column_texts.


label_texts = lt_label_texts

column_texts = lt_column_texts

group_header = lv_group_header

window_title = lv_window_title

table_header = lv_table_header

col_count = 2

row_count = 20 ).

when if_wd_ovs=>co_phase_1.


importing static_attributes = ls_search_input ).
* pass the values to the OVS component


input = ls_search_input ).

when if_wd_ovs=>co_phase_2.

if ovs_callback_object->query_parameters is not bound.
******** TODO exception handling


assign ovs_callback_object->query_parameters->*

to <ls_query_params>.

if not <ls_query_params> is assigned.
******** TODO exception handling


* call business logic for a table of possible values
* lt_select_list = ???

lv_short = <ls_query_params>-payment.



i_payment = lv_short


ET_PAYMENT = lt_payment.

lt_select_list[] = lt_payment[].

ovs_callback_object->set_output_table( output = lt_select_list ).

when if_wd_ovs=>co_phase_3.
* apply result

if ovs_callback_object->selection is not bound.
******** TODO exception handling


assign ovs_callback_object->selection->* to <ls_selection>.

if <ls_selection> is assigned.


name = `PAYMENT`

value = <ls_selection>-payment ).




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1 Answer

  • Posted on May 26, 2014 at 07:07 AM

    Hi Pradeep,

    I don't think it really make any difference to the application run if we run from SE80 or run via application url.

    Try to set the external break point in OVS PHASE3 for your user. Check if the break point is reached and data is set after selection from OVS.



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