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May 25, 2014 at 10:45 PM

Cannot enroll devices to Afaria via HTTPS relay



I have read a lot on these forums, about these problems, but cannot find the resolution.

Relay server seems to work, I have 5 RSOenablers (afaria,CA,IOS,Enrollment,Package). I also have configured RS on a relay server as a service, it looks like relaying is OK.

I have a problem enrolling any device (iOS or Android). with iOS I get to the profile installation, SCEP is managed OK, but when it should proceed it just hangs...the same is with Android. I open the Afaria app and enter the enrollment code. The enrollment code is accepted and the client starts to connect via https than hangs.

I have tried various things that I have found on the forum, and I am not sure what is correct and what is not. What certificates exactly do I need on Enrollment server (iphoneserver installation)? Is this the certificate with FQDN of Afaria server or FQDN of relay server? Which certificate do I have to use for "Device communication" page in Afaria? I am a little confused and am not sure how this should be installed...haven`t found any instructions.

I am sending you the logs of Android connection, I hope you can see something. I can see that there is an error at enrollment server connection (EV-Afaria-Aips) and the webpage returns 403 Forbidden...

I also get the error in Afaria logs:

XRS1391: Unable to establish SSL Connection with client at IP address EXPLANATION: A Client requested a SSL or HTTPS connection on this server, but the SSL handshake could not be completed. (Failing function: ASSLSocket::Init. Return code: 5.)

I am attaching the logs.Probably this is something with certificates.

Thank you very much!


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