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May 25, 2014 at 10:03 PM

Demand and receipts



in SAP parlance we frequently come across two words Demands and Receipts

list of all demands as for as i know are are customer demand ,sales order demand,demand from MD61 (pir),demand created from planning book .would you please list out all demands relevant to SCM you have come across so far?.

receipts are planned orders emerging from IHP,(inhouse production ),PR (procurement proposals) this is as far as i know

would you please list out all demands and receipts under the umbrella of SAP that you have come across in your practical working business environment .cpz your answer will remove my confusion

i understand my questions would be silly to you ,but your inputs will help me gain a mastery over SCM ...if you look at SNP optimizer SDP94 screen you will find many demand items and receipt items followed by total demand and total receipts-where are they emerging from i could see there is one "distribution demand (planned ) and distribution demand(confirmed) ,where it is emerginfg a bit perplexed about this demand and receipt theory.

please clear my confusion.....