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May 24, 2014 at 10:11 AM



Hi Experts,

I was wondering on one thing while going through Training and event management module.

Can Business event groups and types also be maintained by end users through transaction 'PP01'. Since, there may b a need to create a new one in future, or it is only configured by a consultant? Is this same with Location and Type of training(Seminar, classroom)?

Also, if 5 employees were initially booked for an 'Business event' from 01.01.2014 - 05.01.2014. Now, 2 of them attended only on 03.01.2014 and were absent on rest days, how can I capture this on the system.

Presently, my client books an employee only after they have attended the training, so I booked those 2 employees only for the dates they attended. But what if I want to book before they have attended it.

How can I capture and distinguish between "Employees booked for Training"and "Employees attended the training"?

While creating a business event I get an option "With pattern, Without pattern & User defined" (which basically deals with the pattern of days I want for my Business event). How can I define if the training happens only for half day or for 3 hrs only on the system?

Requesting to please suggest options to use and work on this module efficiently.

Reply awaited,