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Former Member
May 24, 2014 at 02:22 AM

Complex process mapping in eWM 7.02


Hi All,

I have a following scenario to be mapped.We sell hazardous chemicals.We store these chemicals in a separate hazardous storage type in drums of big size say 50 ltrs.When a customer asks for these chemicals he asks these in 1 litre bottles say 10 qty.

So we create a sales order of 10 litres and create delivery for 10 litres.Now at the time of picking I need full HU of 50 litres to be picked.We move that drum to a specific zone /work center(as they are hazardous) and repack the 10 litres (10 units of 1 litre each) and ship it.Then we want to return remaining 40 litres along with the big drum to return from work center to original bin.

To map this I have activated a process oriented storage control with an intermediate packing step.But at the time of picking system is creating WO of 10 litres , but I want it should pick full HU at picking.

I better need a giudance on a whole scenario mapping rather than troubleshooting as I am not sure if I am doing the right mapping.