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May 23, 2014 at 05:11 PM

Any help on why I get an error when running OA_UPLOAD_AND_LINK in background?


Hi experts,

I am attempting to run the OA_UPLOAD_AND_LINK program in the background to upload employee photos placed into a directory on a shared drive by each HR manager. When I check SM37, I see the job was cancelled and the error "Frontend parameter (parameter error)" Message no. OA501 was the reason.

If I run the program in the foreground using the same variant, I don't have any issues and the photos load just fine. Any suggestions on what parameter it's complaining about?

My goal is to schedule this program to run nightly and process any pictures in the shared drive. I'll have a second job remove the files from the shared drive at a later time.


Garrett Meredith


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