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May 23, 2014 at 04:01 PM

Help with Security Scenario


Hi, I have a security scenario I am hoping someone can me help with.

Right now a user is authorized to "Sales Office" 100 only.

In the below scenario I need the user to be able to:

1. See Transactions where the "Sales Office" is 100

2. See Transactions where the "Sales Office of the Ship-To" is 100 even if they don't have access to "Sales Office" value.

So if the "Sales Office" is not 100, but the "Sales Office of the Ship-To" is 100 then they should see that as well.

AccessSales OfficeSales Office of Ship-ToYes100200Yes100201Yes200100No200300No300310Yes400100Yes300100Yes100100

Note: Sales Office of the Ship-To is a Navigational Attribute of Ship-To Customer and is the same characteristic as "Sales Office"

Is there any way to accomplish this with 7.x Analysis Authorizations or any other method?