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May 23, 2014 at 12:12 PM

Change the inspection stock of material XXXXX in QM only


Dear Expert,

Inspection type 01 is activated in my FG material.But when I do the sales return I am getting the error

Change the inspection stock of material xxxxx in QM Message no. QA495.

Inspection lot generation after sales return not required.

Any suggestion...



You want to make a stock posting to/from the inspection stock. This is not allowed for material 300100045N because the quality inspection control has been activated by QM.

The following cases can occur:

  • The inspection stock should be increased, although an inspection is not foreseen for the current goods movement
  • The inspection stock should be released, although you can only do this using the QM transactions.

System Response

You cannot carry out the stock posting.


Check both the QM inspection setup data and the movement type for material 300100045N in the quality management view of the material master.


  • If you post a return delivery to a vendor with reference to a purchase order, or cancel a goods receipt, the stock indicator from the order is proposed.
    Check and modify this proposal as required.
    The stock may have been transferred already and is therefore no longer in inspection stock.