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Nov 24, 2005 at 12:59 PM

Workflow Issues..Event Activation Problem and Form Step prob.



I have 2 new problems in my Workflow development.


We have Upgraded from 4.6B to 4.7 and my PO Release Workflow is not working in 4.7 after UPGRADE.

Well, when I checked for the Event Linkage in the workflow Template WS20000075, I found the Event Linkage was INACTIVE. So, I activated the Event Linkage and created one CUSTOMIZING REQUEST in 4.7 Development server and we activated the Template also.

Now, we ran the Business Process to test if my Workflow is getting triggered and we found that the workflow is getting triggered as expected. But when we come back to the event linkage, the Event linkage is getting deactivated automatically. So I need to checked if the Workflow customization Txn <i><b>SWU3</b></i>, and I found that that nothing was active. So, I had Activated the following.

->Document Generation /Form Integration

->Schedule Background job for Missing deadlines

->Schedule Background job for work items with errors

->Schedule Background job for Condition Evaluation

->Schedule Background job for Event Queue

->Schedule Background job for clearing report

->Maintain Prefix Numbers(defined 999 series for my stuff)

->Configure RFC Destination

I had done all these and again went back to my template and activated and ran the business process once again. But still the same problem persists. After one BUSINESS CYCLE is run, the Event Linkage is getting deactivated automatically. Can anyone let us know if there anything missing in any place.

I Cant understand why the EVENT LINKAGE is getting UNSET after one execution of Business Cycle.

Problem - 2

Our scenario is something like this...

We had a Form Step which is attached to a 2 page form.

well, the Business Process gets initiated from an Employee, where the employee fills the first page of that form and then send this half-filled form for approval to the supervisor. Then the supervisor will view the PAGE-1 which is filled by the employee and fill the second page of the same form. Till this stage, everything is fine.

Now the problem is...Supervisor is not supposed to change the first page during the approval. Like Supervisor is supposed to view only. He can fill only the second page of the form.

So I hope the requirement is clear. Part of the FORM should be EDITABLE as per the level.

IS this possible?

I hope some solutions.


<b><i>Raja Sekhar</i></b>