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Nov 24, 2005 at 12:32 PM

IDOC Acknowledgement and Header Mapping


Dear all,

I've got the following scenario:

SAP 4.6C is sending many different IDOCs to XI 3.0 (SP14).

On XI side there are several integration processes, business systems and business services receiving the IDOCs.

I want to create IDOC acknowledgements and send them back to SAP system.

For one integration process I was able to successfully create and send back an acknowledgement by following the steps described in the very good blog:


Now I want that every integration process/business system/business service is sending back an acknowledgement with the <b>same</b> logical system name (meaning "this acknowledgement is coming from XI").

As it is not possible to enter the same logical system name for more than one process I created a receiver agreement with:

Sender Service = the integration process

Receiver Service = the SAP 4.6C business system

Receiver Interface = ALEAUD.ALEAUD01

Receiver Communication Channel = IDOC receiver channel called "Ack_IDOC_Receiver", existing in SAP 4.6C business system and pointing to this system

Additionally I created a header mapping in this receiver agreement where I set the Sender Service to the business system of the XI system.

Unfortunately the tests showed to me that obviously the header mapping (maybe even the whole receiver agreement) is being ignored completely as no Acknowledgement IDOC will be created. Instead I get the error message "Unable to convert sender service to an ALE logical system".

I also played around a bit with the options "Apply Control Record Values from Payload" and "Pass Sender value from Payload" but this didn't make any difference.

Why is the header mapping not replacing the sender service in the acknowledgement message?

Best regards,