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May 23, 2014 at 06:55 AM

Join query not getting data from tables


I have total 4 tables, zemployee, zemp_comm,zemp_adress, zemp_edu1 all of this tables are connected through emp_id , but when I write left outer join it returns all rows but emp_id is retrunign null , when I insert all of the entries in respective table it show the respective emp_id, when i left some of the entries in table it will not show emp_id in records,

I am using this select statment........

Select * from zemployee as a left outer join zemp_comm as b on b~emp_id = a~emp_id left outer join zemp_adress
as c on c~emp_id = a~emp_id left outer join zemp_education1 as d on d~emp_id = a~emp_id into corresponding fields of table
where a~emp_name = zemployee-emp_name.

I want to show show records with emp_id whether i put entry in all tables or missed some of the entries.

please help me in this regard.