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May 22, 2014 at 06:31 PM

How to move offline form from SAP dev to QA and Production environments?


I developed and Adobe Form that can be used offline - steps in development are as below:

1. Webservice generated out of a BAPI in SAP.

2. WSDL generated from SOAMANAGER transaction code and kept on a newtowrk folder

3. Used this WSDL to prepare the form in SAP WebDynpro view

4. generated the URL of the webservice per Dev / QA / Prod when the form is being generated out of the WebDynrpo app - function module ICM_SERVER_INFO (used here)

4. Placed a regular type button on the form and passed the URL on the click of the button

5. This worked fine in Dev system.

6. Now the transports are moved to QA. But click of the button was still pointing to the Dev system.

7. Realized that it is reading the Dev WSDL from the network drive - it still tries to submit to the dev url of the webservice

8. So generated the WSDL from SOAMANAGER fo QA and over wrote with the Dev WSDL files.

9. When I opent he Adobe Form in WebDypro in QA, it reads the new WSDLs and updates the correct URLs - I checked this in the XML of the source of the Adobe Form

10. here comes the problem - even though step 9 is done correctly, I can not save the form and activate it to reflect the new URLs - since QA is not open. Same procedure may need to be followed in case of Production also.

So the question is:

How to circumvent this issue of updating the WSDL and URL after the development transport is moved to QA and Prodcution?

Or - QA and Prod have to opened, WSDL and URl updated in change mode of form and a transport also created?

(seems to be a limitation)

(I looked a bit but did not get any pointers when I googled - may be my search is not correct).

Please advise.