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May 22, 2014 at 04:50 PM

down payment reducing the commitment with reference to PO


Dear All,

The budget is 1500 USD. The PO was created with an amount of 1000 USD and kept down payment as 250 USD . So the balance is 500 USD. While making down payment through ME2DP, system will bring FM objects from PO against advance line item. After this step, the commitment will reduce from 1000 USD to 750 USD. If any user enters expenditure directly in FI by using the same budget code, system will allow for the remaining amount 750 USD. When we are doing service entry sheet against this PO for full amount 1000 USD then system is giving error message as budget exceeded by 250 USD. This is due to commitment reduced while making down payment. We used the derivation rule based on transaction type to overwrite the commitment but system is bringing commitment field value from PO at the time of posting.

Please give us the solution to avoid reducing the commitment while making down payment with reference to PO.

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