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May 22, 2014 at 03:10 PM

How to load historic Training records


we have a scenario where we went live in 2012 and only loaded employees that were active in 2012 so that they would be included in payroll year end returns. The earliest start date for any employees in infotype 0 is 01.01.2012.

Our old HR system has approx 5000 employees (about half were loaded into SAP), and is still used for updating the training module.

This old HR system holds all training records and qualifications for all employees that were ever created on that system.

We want to now use the standard Training and Event management module in SAP and load all training history including qualifications details into SAP for all employees that exist in the old HR system.

I have 2 issues:

Approx 2500 employees from the old HR system don't exist in SAP. Do i create them in SAP with actual start date that will allow me to record necessary training records for them in PSV1/PSV2. If so, is there a mass way of mass loading this data?

The earliest start date for existing employees in SAP is 01.01.2012, therefore any training history for employees can't be created for them in Training module, and therefore reported on.

I know we can't create training records for employees in psv2/psv1 prior to their actual start date so therefore for those employees that already exist in SAP, no historically data can be created. How can i record these training details?

Previously I loaded all previous qualifications into infotype 24 but unfortunatley this won't work in this scenario as not all the training courses would have had a qualification attached to it.

Has anyone come across above scenario?

If so, how did you resolve the issue?

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


clive 😕