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May 22, 2014 at 01:40 PM

How to create Detour in MSMP Workflow?


Hello GRC Experts,

we are implementing GRC Access Control 10.0 with all four components: CUP, BRM, EAM and RAR.

We have customized the CUP and BRM Workflows without Detour rules, they are working fine so far. But now we have a following issue:

We would like to create Detour rules for CUP Workflow for the following Scenario:

1. Case: No SoD

Request-->Role Owner Approval-->Provisioning

2. Case: SoD

Request--> SoD Risk-->Security Stage-->Role Owner (if Security Stage approves, then Role Owner also approves)--> Provisioning

I have Created two paths in MSMP workflow:

1st Path is Default Path with only one stage: Role Owner Approval stage

2nd Path is SoD Path with two stages:

Default and Security Stage

I have tested the CUP Workflow after creating of the Routing Rule, but it seems, it doesnt work. I have assigned a technical Role to a User, who has SOD risks. Me as approval received a notification about new work item, then I approved the role, and afterwards the Role was assigned to a user, whitout beeing forwarded to a security stage.

Can you please give me an advice what I have to do in order to make it work?

Thanks in advance,

best regards



Stage1.PNG (43.7 kB)
Stage2.PNG (49.1 kB)
step6.PNG (31.4 kB)