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May 22, 2014 at 12:39 PM

Sort sequence functionality in Batch management


Hi All,

I have a doubt in batch management. I am not sure whether it is a basic doubt. But obviously confusing me a lot and I am not able to find appropriate for that.

In our company, we have two characteristics assigned to the batch class 023. Shelf life expiration date (LOBM_VFDAT) and Manufacturing date (LOBM_HSDAT).

Our Sort sequence is FIFO.

Please find the following example given below.

Material GR date SLED Manufacturing date Batch

M1 21.05.2014 21.06.2014 21.05.2014 0001

M1 22.05.2014 22.06.2014 20.05.2014 0002

As per the above example, when SLED (LOBM_VFDAT) is concerned, batch 0001 will get selected, when Manufacturing date (LOBM_HSDAT) is concerned, batch 0002 will get selected.

But which particular batch will be copied into the outbound delivery. I am confused how system can sort out based on multiple characteristics.

Could someone please exlplain the logic behind this.


Raja Durai