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Former Member
May 22, 2014 at 11:58 AM

BPC 7.5 MSFT SP05 to SP11 upgrade


Hi BPC Experts,

We are running SAP BPC 7.5 SP05 ( on Microsoft environment and will soon upgrade BPC to 7.5 SP11 (

I understand Service Pack 11 is cumulative but what about patch “7.5M SP11 Patch 5”? Are also patches cumulative so I just have to install that patch5 and not patch1,2,3,4,5?

After we have upgrade test server, will we still be able to restore applicationSets from production (BPC 7.5 SP5) to test server (BPC 7.5 SP11) even though BPC version differs?

I understand there is no way to revert back to BPC 7.5 SP5 in case we face issues after the upgrade to BPC.5 SP11. Correct?

In case we have to go back to previous version (BPC 7.5 SP5) we have to uninstall BPC application and reinstall BPC SP5?

So, in the process of uninstalling BPC, all applicationSet related data will remain such as SQL databases, OLAP and fileDBs, webfolders etc and I can just install BPC 7.5 SP5 again without any reconfiguration?

In SAP note 1803261 (7.5M SP11 Central Note) they mention “When restoring an application set after BPC 7.5M has been upgraded to this version, you must recreate the partition if an application has a custom OLAP partition”.

How can I tell if we have a custom OLAP partition?

Thankyou and best regards,