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Article creation in sales order

Hi Experts,

We are using SAP Retail. Our client sells furniture that can be customised according to customer needs. Instead of creating thousands of article combinations in the system. Is there a way we can build the article with the characteristics according to customer needs in a sales order. We have tried variant configuration but because retail uses class type 026 for articles there is a conflict. This solution works well for SAP Manufacturing.

Example: Chair sold (comprised of leather back, wooden arms, wooden legs and leather seat), but client can sell the same chair but with suede back, wooden arms, glass legs and leather seat. and with hese changes price changes are applicable according to the characteristic

This product is then procured externally.

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3 Answers

  • Jan 31, 2017 at 10:43 AM

    Hi Lindsay

    The solution you want is very well developed in SAP Retail using concept of article Category.

    For your requirement I would suggest you to create Chair with article category 10 (Sales set or header). Other artilces (eather back, wooden arms, wooden legs and leather seat) can be created with article category 00 (Single article or component). You can then create BOM link for these header and component.

    You will always be able to maintain characteristics for header and all componenets saperately. Sales will always be done at header or component article and the procurement will be done at component level.

    Please refer concept of structured articles in SAP retail for more information



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  • Feb 09, 2017 at 12:28 PM

    Hi Vibhor,

    But wouldn't that mean I need to create each of the single article variations? Example a leather back, a wooden back and a plastic back.

    In Sales order creation, I would like to create Chair as header item and arms, legs, back and seat as the components. The system should then prompt me to enter the characteristics of the component as I create the sales order.

    We have seen this is possible in the manufacturing system with variant configuration.

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    Former Member
    Feb 15, 2017 at 12:20 PM

    Hi Lindsay,

    I just know the concept of SAP retail and never use the LO-VC in SAP Retail. But I've implemented many time VC solutions (Full Configurable, material variants, multi-level configuration in the BOM, ...).

    Do you ask for an automatic creation of Component during Sale order configuration ? If yes, that's not a SAP Standard functionality.

    If you just want to specify the Customer Requirement on a configurable material and then get the Bill of Materials in the sale orders, then the standard behavior of K link type in a SUPER BOM mixed with Class type 200 on components is working very well.

    You create a Class type 200 with the identity card of component (list of characteristics which make a material as unique), you assign the class 200 to your component and complete values in Classification vue of material master for component (MM01/02). Then, in the configurable you'll use in Sale order, you use the same characteristics (assign on a class of classe type 300 herself assign to the configurable) then ....

    Here that a VC Expert you need to implement a full VC solution. LO-VC is not a light module that a novice could implement. That's a functionalityso large as PP module or SD module or FI-CO module. But a lot of time, some none specialists implement it and then, call in an SOS mode, a specialist. That's often, to late.

    Good Luck

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