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May 22, 2014 at 07:46 AM

Validation rules applied to data migration templates at import


Hi everyone!

First post here for me, so please bear with me if I missed something.

My company has just started the initial implementation of ByDesign. We come from a set of disparate and partially home-grown systems that we outgrew a few years ago.

As part of this initial phase, we are basically re-creating the data on customers, suppliers, etc. since none of our existing systems makes a good source, unfortunately. We will be using the XML templates provided by ByDesign itself to import the relevant data.

It has become clear that ByDesign applies validation rules on fields like postal codes (zip codes), states (for some countries), and other fields.

It would be really helpful if we could get access to the rules that are applied at import time, so that we can format the data correctly in advance, rather than having to play "trial and error" at import time. For example, if you import address data, the first time it finds a postal code in the Netherlands which is formatted as "1234AB", it will tell you that "there needs to a space in the 5th position, because it expects the format to be "1234 AB". At that point, you stop the import, go back to the template to fix all the Dutch postal codes, and try the import again, only to run into the next validation issue.

We work with a couple of very experienced German consultants to help us implement ByDesign, and I have put this question to them, but they are unaware of a documented set of validation rules for ByDesign. Which is why I ask the question here.

So just to be very celar on what we are looking for: the data validation/formatting rules that ByDesign enforces at the time the XML data migration templates are imported.

Any help would be appreciated!

Best regards,