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Inspection Rounds in Work Manager 6.0

Hi all,

We've setup Work Manager 6.0 running on SMP2.3.  One of the functions that I'd like to get working is inspection rounds.

We have

  • Configued the standard order type PM01 to be an inspection rounds order in the work order MDO filter INSP_ORDER_TYPE.
  • Assigned a measurement point PRT to the order operation.
  • Added an Equipment number to the order operation.

In work manager I am able to access the PRT screen from the Work Order Detail PRT link.  In that screen I can see the buttons for Tools, Inspection Types, Measuring Points, and Attachments.  In all my testing I've never seen a Measurement Point under the Measurement Point selection.

When I've checked the data structure in the Agentry Test Environment the measurement point entries come up in the PRT section under the Operation section.  They are missing any value in the RecordID field.  Other PRT types have this information filled and I assume that it provides the link to the measurement point information downloaded for the functional location and equipment data structures under the operation structure.

Inspection Rounds are working fine in the back end using standard confirmation transaction iw42.

Any suggestions?

thank you


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4 Answers

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    May 22, 2014 at 09:12 PM

    Hi Steve,

       Make sure you activated Business function Set /SMERP/EHP5_EAM_BUS_FUNC delivered as part of the Work Manager 6.0. To activate this switch framework goto transaction SFW5 and serach for Business function Set '/SMERP/EHP5_EAM_BUS_FUNC' under ENTERPRISE_BUSINESS_FUNCTIONS and activate switch. Hope this will resolve your problem.



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  • May 22, 2014 at 02:43 PM


    Can you debug SAP class handler for Work Order fetch to check if PRT's related data is pulled for  the  Work Order you have assigned PRT's.  That way you can identify  where the problems exists.

    if  PRT data  is not returned from  in SAP  then you know whether it is an SAP issue or  Java/Agentry layer issue.

    One more question are you  trying to test base product  WM 6.0 functionality or have you done enhancement  to WM 6.0 in anyway ?

    Let me know what you find out.



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    • HI Manju,

      We have Work Manager 6.0 with LAM and Inspection Rounds instatlled without any modifications.

      The image below shows the data entry that we are getting in the operation stucture of the work order.

      We've looked at the order handler and couldn't see a measurement point data pickup for the PRT measurement point.

      Following on from Syam's advice to activate '/SMERP/EHP5_EAM_BUS_FUNC' and the dependency on linear assets.  Do you know whether inspection rounds functionality is bundled up with linear assets?  Can (PRT based) inspection rounds work without activating linear in the backend?

      thank you


  • Jun 27, 2014 at 09:38 PM

    The following SAP note was released to remove this dependency so that customers don't have to activate the Business function  '/SMERP/EHP5_EAM_BUS_FUNC' which has further dependency on LAM switch  'LOG_EAM_LINEAR_1' for Inspection Rounds feature in SAP Work Manager mobile application.

    2034348 - Remove dependency for Inspection Rounds feature from
    switch framework /SMERP/EHP5_EAM_BUS_FUNC for Work Manager application



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    Former Member
    Feb 09, 2015 at 03:04 PM


    I have set up Inspection rounds in our sandbox system and it seems to work OK ,except for one thing.

    In PM measurement points for equipment or FL, we can define measurement points and see them come out at the other end, in Work order confirmation, but can only enter data for quantitive measurement points , we are not able to enter data for qualitive measurement points.

    In measurement point definition, you can use a characteristic for quantitive values (such as temperature, pressure etc, range 0-nnn )or a catalogue code for qualitive values( PASS, FAIL, GOOD,BAD).

    but you cant enter the qualitive values(PASS, FAIL, GOOD,BAD) in the confirmation process, unless I have missed something in config or setup.

    Any ideas/help/confirm the issue/workaround


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    • Martin,

      Please open a new Discussion for your new question.  The original question was already answered.  This will get you more visibility to your question and allow you to mark it answered so others will be able to benefit as well.