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May 21, 2014 at 07:28 PM

Can't close old production order



First, yes, I know this question has been posted many times. I have checked to make sure the order is in TECO status. I have checked COGI, CO1P and COFC. Please read my comments and let me know if you can help.

We are trying to clean up old production orders that, for whatever reason, weren't closed when they should have been. We have many examples like this one. We run CO44 at the end of the month to close open production orders. When we run this on certain orders we get the error "unprocessed future change recs for order XXXXXX prevent del. flag/completion.

The order is in TECO status.

We have checked COGI, no errors.

We have checked CO1P, no errors.

When we run COFC we get an error from 2004:

The dummy profit center was available in 2004 and we can't find any log or reason that it might have been "locked" on that date, but I suppose it is possible.

I revoked the TECO on the order and entered a profit center that has been valid for the entire period of the order and still is today. I saved and re-TECO'd the order.

I then tried to set the order to closed and got the very same error message.

All of my searches come back with the same answers, check COGI, CO1P and COFC and make sure the order is in TECO status.

How do I clear the issue with the profit center so that this order can be closed?

Thanks in advance,


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