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May 21, 2014 at 06:12 PM

HRP1001 subtype A011....Position to Cost center data


Hi Folks,

I am new to HR data replication from HCM to ECC. I am trying to replicate the HR Organizational data from HCM to ECC, THough I am able to replicate all the organizational data I am having issue with HRP1001 Subtype: A011 (Position to Cost Center data). I am using the IDOC type HRMD_ABA and I see all the IDOCS successfully made it to ECC with status 3; but still when I look into HRP1001 (plan version 01, Object TYpe :S; subtype:A011) I see zero entries. As there are no failed IDOCs it is difficult to understand what is stopping the entries to be populated. Please advise if any one has any suggestions or if anyone has encountered similar issue.