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May 21, 2014 at 02:49 PM

advice me on how to correct them


Dare all

l have a challenge in client site

The following issues occured:

1. is there any difference between GRPO and Goods Recipt in the inventory transaction?

one my client uses Goods Recipt to recieved goods into warehouse. does it make any difference?

2 When a transaction is made WIP or finished goods is received into warehouse when you checked the journal entry there is no comparison. the figure in the JE is very very on the high side. what can l do to correct this.

3. there used to be cash for payment for some distributor especially those who met their target as a way to encouraging them, later thise cash now tranform to giving stock and Good issue was used for these when you when you check the journal the amount displayed in the journal does not display the true information as per the issued, rather with outrageous figures, please what can be responsible for these (e.g entered goods worth 3000 and in the JE of that same transaction am seeing 3800000 ) what could be wrong.