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May 21, 2014 at 02:03 PM

No Sampling Procedures in In-Process Quality Inspection (origin 03, insp. points 100)



I am facing a problem while attaching master inspection characteristics etc. in a master recipe (C202). I first specify inspection points as 100 in the recipe header (quality data section) and then I go to the operations section, select a phase and go into the area where I can attach MICs, methods and procedures. Now, no matter what kind of MICs I add there ( ones that require a sampling procedure, of course, as it is my need) it does not let me browse (F4) on the mandatory sampling procedure field. I have created all kinds of sampling procedures (freely defined inspection points, without inspection points, manual valuation, spc, fixed, 100% - all combinations) but the mandatory sampling procedure field does not let me browse for sampling procedures. If I directly type a name, it says that the procedure is not suitable for inspection points (100 that I defined) despite the sampling procedure being a freely defined inspection points one or any other. This is only in the case of inspection points/in-process/master recipe. otherwise normal GR usage 5 plans are working fine. Any help? It's urgent. Thank you!