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May 21, 2014 at 11:37 AM

Attached document not opening in FB03.


Hi ,

I am using an error while checking uploaded attchment in the transaction FB03.

When any file(ex. pdf) is uploaded from presentation server, it is uploaded successfully and able to see the content .

But when the same file is downloaded on the application server path and then try to see the content, it gives the errror message .

The file is attached to the document with the FM 'SCHM_HTTP_CREATE_FILES' and then attched to the document with FM

'ARCHIV_CONNECTION_INSERT'. The file is seen in attachent list . But when trying to open the file , getting the below erro.

HTTP error: 404 Not Found Document not found: Document '537B79574C7C0173E10080000A43209B' not

found on server 'contracts_dev'.

Thanks in advance ..