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May 21, 2014 at 09:03 AM

Salary Process in two different currency..


Hi Experts,

I needed help on payroll scenario like,

  • We have some employee from outside India for those we are paying salary in two different currency like one is in Indian rupees and another in his respected home land currency, currently we are handling this outside SAP. But my clients wants it should be from SAP system. So I started on the same,
  • I have some query on followings,
    • How to maintain Infotype 0008 with two different currency like one is in INR and another is in diffenrent currency like US,China etc.
    • Employee contract is on Net pay so client says that he will provide me employee Net pay per month on which i need to give him his Basic pay, and the other component.
    • I need to calculate his Income tax, PF and Ptax as per the Indian law. As well as he wants these two component should print in there respected currency. as well as we need to post this to accounts with Indian currency (for both the WT)
    • Employee will get his salary in two different currency (Bank Transfer)

My show stoper is how to config IT0008 for two currency and how to post this in single currency in INR.

Following is one example to get detail idea on,


Say employee X is transfer from Germany to India for 5 years contract, Company gave him INR 150000 as netpay in India as well as gave him 500$ too as netpay.

Please help me out to configure the same in SAP India payroll.