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Former Member
May 21, 2014 at 06:58 AM

Mapping Help needed


Hi Experts

Condition 1 :

Check if End Date is after Current Date and take respective Start Date then Start Date should be before Current Date

Condition 2 :

Once condition 1 satisfies then take respective "AssignmentPercent" and check for highest percentage

then do the mapping

Source Structure

Position 1.-----1

Centre -- 0-Unbounded

Character 1--1

ID 1--1

Target Field

Centre 0- Unbounded

Now Mapping Starts

Once condition 1 and condition 2 Satisfies then take respective "Character" and "ID"

If "Character" = 4

then pass respective "ID" value


Pass empty (constant) value

Note: If source node "Centre" does not exists or if any of the above mapping condition fails, then pass empty value (constant ) to target field "Centre", Mapwithdefault will not work if we have context change

Let me know any bright ideas..or any common UDF for this, if possible for Condition 1 and 2 and respective fields

Thank you