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Former Member
May 21, 2014 at 06:45 AM

ARQ: How to restrict report type to "Actions"???


HI All,

In ARQ, requester submits a request and risk analysis is performed in the background (Parameter#1071) at the time of request submission. The default analysis type is "Permissions" (parameter#1023).

When the request is reaching to Manager or Role Owner, this violations report is available for them also. They can view both types of reports: Actions and Permissions.

Since these categories of users do not understand the technical details of authorization objects, I want to restrict this report type to "Actions" only. At least this way they can understand at a higher level and take the decisions accordingly.

If authorization objects level details are displayed to them, they are overwhelmed with too much of technical details and getting confused as what to do.

Therefore, I would like to allow them to view actions report ONLY. Though the analysis is done at permissions level.

In order to achieve above, I tried below:

1. Tried to use GRAC_REP auth. object. It seems that mostly it is related to "Analytics Reports" and I could not find any help with this.

2. Tried to modify the "GRAC_OIF_REQUEST_APPROVAL" application through SE80. But did not get any option to hide/disable the "Permission" option from the drop down list.

Can any one please suggest me on how to achieve above?