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May 21, 2014 at 05:19 AM

How to store files in shared-folder in background mode


Hello All,

My requirement seems to be simple but I have tried many ways in achieving this, but failed. So require the help in accomplishing this task.


I have to create a program in SE38 which will create a internal table with data in it in .XML format(which I can achieve).

My requirement is this .XML file needs to be placed in a shared-folder in "BACKGROUND MODE".

I have tried using GUI_DOWNLOAD function module, but this FM only runs in Foreground mode and fails in Background mode. I have tried convincing my client that I will keep the file in Application Server as it is achievable using OPEN DATASET statements, but they are not willing to accept this.

So can you please help me in achieving this task as I am not getting any solution how to keep the file in Shared-folder in BACKGROUND mode itself(not Foreground).

Best Regards,